Thursday, 12 January 2012

Three months of village life

It’s been three months and village life is still good!  So what is different from city or town living?

       Oh, just little things like making sure you get to the post office in the morning ‘cos it’s closed in the afternoon, or remembering that the butcher has Wednesday half-day closing. Timing bus trips into town (Ipswich) because the bus only runs every 90 minutes, and remembering the petrol station is 5 miles away!

       Little things like less than a 5 minute walk takes us to beautiful open farmland, golden barley swaying in the breeze, sunrises over the river, sunsets over the farmer’s fields, and silver sparkly stars on a clear crisp night! 

(Sunset over Felixtowe from Shotley Gate)

       It's the wind in your hair and face while watching the sun set over the River Orwell.
       It’s little things like buying sausages from the butcher who has freshly killed pheasants hanging outside his shop! Or donning wellies and walking the dog through the muddy paths and puddles to the farm shop, filling a bring-your-own egg box and leaving the cash on the table!

       It’s the little things like getting involved with the community planning for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, volunteering at the village primary school and a families support charity.

       It’s smiling and greeting people in the street and having time to stop and chat about the dog, the weather, the past!

Village life is good!